Açıl susam, ya da kapan…

26/01/2011 § Leave a comment

Moda her zaman bir Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show kıvamında takılacak değil ya, bazen böyle Tekbir Giyim‘e selam çaktığı zamanları da olabiliyor işte.

Chanel SS-2011


22/01/2011 § 1 Comment

Did you, too, all of a sudden find yourself walking on a road you don’t remember when – or if – you ever hit in the first place?

Are you on the verge of starting something you never actually signed up for – or  for worse, are you lost in the middle of it already?

Are you consciously drinking that last cup of coffee you just placed among a hurdle of unused, untouched stuff on your desk?

Are you doing what you want, and do you know what you are doing? Do you know what you want and don’t want, and  have you still not served your time of lingering around each?

Is inertia your plan, or curse, for the forseeable future ?

Here’s the catch:

There’s either action, or there’s inertia. And they both stand for their own right.


It’s whatever’s in the middle, that does not.

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